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Compressor for Natural Gas Substation
Compressor for Natural Gas Substation

Introduction to Natural Gas Substation

The CNG refueling sub-station is built in the place where the gas pipeline network has not yet reached, and receives the compressed natural gas transported by the semi-trailer from the refueling mother station, and refuels the car through the gas vending machine after storage, compression and other processes.

The main equipment of the CNG refueling sub-station is composed of a compressor unit, a metering device, a gas unloading treatment, a gas storage device, a charging sequence control panel, and a gas vending machine.

The natural gas bottle filling compressor developed by our company is carefully designed with advanced and reliable parts and advanced design methods. The main components (piston ring, valve, etc.) adopt HOERBIGER products, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, strong reliability, high degree of automation, long wearing parts, low vibration, low noise, and convenient operation and maintenance. The product is mainly used in natural gas compressors for refueling mother stations and sub-stations. The air supply volume ranges from 300Nm3/h to 1000Nm3/h, and the power ranges from 22 to 75KW. The overall structure can be fixed, skid-mounted, or sound-proof cubicle type.

Introduction of Compressor of Natural Gas Substation

The natural gas compressor used in the CNG substation is the basic component of the product manufactured by our company introduced the German MANNESMANN DEMAG (Mannesmann Demag) company technology and obtained the company’s production license as the basic component of the product; to ensure low Noise requirements, equipped with noise reduction box; in order to ensure the quality of gas transmission, equipped with a degreasing filter at the air supply port; in order to reduce the impact of the starting load on the power grid in the station, a soft starter is used to control the starting current; in order to realize the fully automatic control function, This machine uses PLC to control the pneumatic ball valve, which is driven by air, which is more reliable.

It is mainly composed of noise reduction box, compressor chassis, compressor mainframe, electric motor, separator, lubricating oil circuit system, gas pipeline system, cooler system, instrument control system, auxiliary and automatic control system, etc. Therefore, the machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, high reliability all-weather, high degree of automation, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Valve, packing

1. Humanized man-machine interface display control system

The operation is particularly convenient and simple, and the running status is clear at a glance

Can work for you 24 hours a day without an officer on duty.

Once abnormal factors appear, maintenance or overhaul will be prompted in Chinese.

A spare output interface is reserved, which can realize interlocking control and remote diagnosis control of multiple units

2. PLC control system

The control system is based on the PLC programmable controller, which has the function of comprehensively monitoring the power supply, compressor, production environment and technological process. Adopting a system design combining PLC and display screen, it can display the entire process flow chart and monitoring points in the process, and has functions such as fault alarm information prompts;

Phase loss protection: When any one or two phases of the three-phase power supply are disconnected, the power supply will be automatically cut off.

Oil unloading protection: When the compressor oil pressure is lower than a certain value, it will automatically alarm and stop.

Overpressure protection: When the compressor discharge pressure is higher than a certain value, it will automatically alarm and stop.

3. Sequence control panel

Air distribution automatic control area: The compressor can adopt automatic priority control for high, medium and low three groups. The gas vending machine adopts low, medium and high three-level automatic sequence control to achieve reasonable, fast and efficient optimized gas distribution.

4. Soft start

It controls the power supply, motor starting system and auxiliary electrical appliances, and adopts the AC motor soft start method for the main motor. It starts smoothly, has no impact on the compressor and the power grid, and requires low power supply capacity.

5. Check valve, pneumatic ball valve

6. Concentration alarm

In the compressor room, the concentration of combustible gas is monitored and controlled, and the over-concentration alarm is alarmed and linked with the internal machine, and the air is automatically exhausted to ensure the safety of the workplace.

1). Cooler

The cooler is one of the important components in the cooling system, installed at the front end of the compressor chassis. It is specially provided for the heat dissipation of the natural gas discharged by the compressor at all levels, and the compressor is equipped with a cooler after each level. Two coolers and one oil cooler are arranged horizontally to form a whole, and the three coolers are all finned tube coolers. All levels of compressed gas enter the cooler from the front, and then enter the next cylinder for compression after being cooled and filtered.

2). Fan

The fan is directly driven by an explosion-proof motor to suck normal temperature and normal pressure air from the air port of the noise reduction box, passing through the ribbed surface of the compressor, so that the compressor cylinder is naturally cooled, and the air flows into the air duct and blows through the cooler to make the temperature high The high-pressure natural gas is cooled by a cooler. The fan is directly driven by an explosion-proof motor with a power of 4kW.

Economical operating costs

In view of the characteristics of fewer taxis and low operation in county-level cities, the unit adopts belt transmission. In the early stage of station construction, low-power motors can be selected. When the market expands, high-power motors can be replaced without replacing the compressor host, so as to achieve low-cost operation and reduce It reduces the customer's investment risk.

Efficient and reliable host

The structure of this machine is a V-type two-row inverted piston compressor with two-stage compression. I-II are in the same row, the two rows are the same, the row spacing is 56mm, the angle between the two rows is 90°, and the first-stage cylinders are distributed in each row. The upper part (cylinder head side) and the second-stage cylinders are distributed in the lower part of each row (crankshaft side); this machine does not have a balance cavity, so it is simpler than a compressor with a balance cavity, and it saves power consumption and has no reverse force problems.

Superior electronic control operating system

The unit adopts a privatized microcomputer control system, with powerful fault diagnosis and protection functions, and can work for you 24 hours without anyone on duty. If the unit fails, the system will respond accordingly according to different situations, prompting you to replace other parts and perform necessary maintenance in time. The operation is particularly simple, and it will enter the automatic operation state with one touch.