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Oxygen compressor
Oxygen compressor

The oxygen compressor is an equipment independently developed and manufactured by our company. The equipment is based on optimized mature design and is currently the most advanced, safe and reliable equipment in the industry.

The equipment includes a compressor host, a gas circuit system, a cooling system, an operating instrument system, etc. The equipment is installed on a common chassis, and the whole set of equipment is a fixed compressor. Oil-free oxygen compressor is a special model designed by our company for small oxygen systems. It raises the pressure of oxygen at a certain pressure to 15MPa through four-stage compression. The piston main engine and the electric motor are driven by a belt, and the electric motor drives the compressor to operate through a V-belt. It is composed of compressor, instrument, motor, transmission device, pipeline, base, protective cover and so on. The whole system is installed on a skid-mounted base. The overall design has compact structure, complete control and small size.

Oil-free oxygen compressors are widely used in some places where oxygen is used, such as medicine and health, scientific research institutions, etc.

Advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable price are the tenet of the company's product production and service; the people-oriented business philosophy to create products that truly satisfy customers is the unremitting pursuit of all employees of the company.

Bengbu Zhengda Compressor Co., Ltd. can independently design, manufacture and produce various types of compressors according to user requirements, and provide users with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

ZWF-50/4-150 oil-free oxygen compressor

Main technical parameters of compressor

Compression medium: oxygen

Structure type: vertical air-cooled piston type, two-row four-stage compression

Inlet pressure: 0.4MPa

Exhaust pressure: 15.0MPa

Displacement: 50Nm³/h

Piston stroke: 80mm

Speed: 740r/min

Inlet temperature: less than 40℃

Exhaust temperature: less than ambient temperature+15℃

Cylinder bore: first level: 80; second level 58; third level: 33; fourth level: 22

Shaft power: ≤9.68KW

Transmission mode: belt transmission

Starting method: star-delta

Overall dimensions of the unit: 1300*1300*1450

Unit weight: ≈1.1T

Installation type: overall skid