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D type natural gas compressor
D type natural gas compressor

D-type natural gas compressor, symmetrical and balanced, the middle body between the slide and the cylinder, according to user requirements can be planned for long single-chamber, short single-chamber, extended double-chamber, long-short double-chamber structure; choose water cooling system, Moreover, each level is equipped with intake and exhaust buffers and separators; thin oil station is selected in the smooth system, and there are two sets of smooth systems. When the oil pressure is low, the auxiliary oil pump system automatically starts operation. All equipment is integrated on a skid-mounted base, with compact structure, good sealing, small starting torque, good inertial force balance, low mechanical vibration, high reliability, easy protection, and long service life.

Smoothing method: 1. No oil 2. With oil

Cooling method: 1. Water cooling 2. Air cooling 3. Mixed cooling (selected according to practical requirements)

Overall structure method: fixed type, mobile type, skid-mounted type, soundproof shelter type, etc. (selected according to practical needs)

In addition to the functions of a standard station, the CNG mother station also fills compressed natural gas into a high-pressure gas transport semi-trailer (referred to as a semi-trailer) through the filling column set in the station, and transports it to the filling sub-station for refueling cars. At the same time, as an effective means to compensate for pipeline gas transmission, in small and medium-sized cities far away from natural gas pipelines, semi-trailers can be used to transport compressed natural gas to the city where it is used by road transportation. After pressure adjustment, it enters the gas pipeline network to provide residents and Other natural gas users supply gas.